Preview 4: Vampire Bestiary

Posted on May 19, 2011


Preview of the Idol of Kali, a Level 10 Solo Monster for 4th Edition. Showcasing some of the boss battle mechanics for the Vampire Bestiary and some more of the books amazing art courtesy of Peter Szmer.

Firstly, slight apologies. I had been sick with the cold for almost two weeks and it just knocked me off schedule, hence the lack of updates (I’ll try and make up for it over the next week).

The Vampire Bestiary is not yet complete but within a week I should have an early 80 pages ‘done and dusted’ version ready for a few souls to give me their opinions of. The remaining pages will still take a few weeks but they are themselves almost complete. In terms of interior art I think we are about 9 illustrations away from the full quota.

This is Preview 4 of the Vampire Bestiary. In the previous previews I revealed:

The weird thing about the above monsters is that since the previews I have probably reworked and revised them all several times, for instance the Level 4 Controller Witchdoctor is now a Level 3 Elite Controller. The basic Vampire is now a Level 8 Skirmisher rather than Level 11…and others have changed as well. However, I’ll leave the Previews as they are, in effect as variants.

The Idol of Kali

Initially I was planning to release the Psoglav (a powerful vampire monster) as the last Preview of the Vampire Bestiary. However, the art is being handled sequentially and the Psoglav art is near the back of the book so it will be one of the last to be completed. So instead I decided to showcase another solo monster from the book, the Idol of Kali.

The idol is heavily inspired by the monster encountered in the Golden Voyage of Sinbad movie. So its a tribute to Ray Harryhausen in that respect. Of course, as you’ll see when you read the monster entry, I took the basic inspiration and then did something totally new with it. 😉

I hope you all like it. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.