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Dragon’s Dogma – Gorechimera

June 23, 2013


Dragon's Dogma GoreChimera Boss for 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons (Epic Tier Level 21 Composite Solo Monster).

Vampire Bestiary – ON SALE NOW

June 26, 2012


Vampire Bestiary: Mountain of the Cannibal God - ON SALE NOW

Article: Encounters with God

September 2, 2010


So the goal of this article is to give DMs a quick and simple framework for populating Divine Realms, but also showing how the same formula can be used for developing encounters with religions and cults...

Review: Monster Manual 3 (4E)

September 1, 2010


Monster Manual 3 was released in May 2010. As its title suggests it's the third (and possibly the last - since no Monster Manual 4 has been announced for 2011) of the 4th edition Monster Manuals...

Preview: Against the Reptile God

August 31, 2010


Against the Reptile God is a forthcoming series of three adventures for 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons by Eternity Publishing for levels 25-36, yes that's Level 36...

Nosfecatu, Vampire Kitten

Epic & Immortal level Dungeons & Dragons

Eternity Publishing

Epic & Immortal level Dungeons & Dragons