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Aeshma-Deva Unleashed

June 8, 2013


The final form of Asmodeus is a Level 34 Super-solo Brute!

Nosferatu (3.5E & 4th Edition)

October 31, 2012


I know, I’ve disappeared again for a month or so. Sometimes these things happen. Anyway Happy Hallowe’en everyone. Of course it would be nice to have a new Vampire Bestiary pdf ready for Hallowe’en – but we all know I’m currently about as organised as a tramp’s closet so that hasn’t happened. Brief Updates: The […]

Asmodeus Unleashed

July 13, 2012


Details Asmodeus for 4th Edition as a Level 33 SUPER-Solo Monster!

Wrath of the Titans – Kronos

January 1, 2012


Is this the most epic encounter of all time? Full 4th Edition encounter stats for Kronos from the Wrath of the Titans movie.

Article: Dragons Revisited

July 8, 2011


A few topics ago, I mentioned that Dragons in 4th Edition were not proper Epic Tier monsters. This article seeks to address why that is and offer some alternatives.

Article: The Ten Commandments of Epic

April 16, 2011


This article seeks to explore the elements of what makes a campaign truly epic. Chatting with people on the various forums I get the impression many are disillusioned with the whole concept of what epic really entails. This is further compounded by the official epic tier material from Wizards of the Coast which is, to […]

Article: Orcus Revisited

March 9, 2011


The Orcus entry was updated on the 11th of March. There have been two official takes on Orcus in 4th Edition (Monster Manual and E3: Prince of Undeath), but none of them created truly satisfying opponents. So I thought I would throw my proverbial hat into the ring and see what I could come up […]

Preview: Immortal Tier

September 13, 2010


I should just point out that the cool image used is from Grant Morrison’s graphic novel 18 Days, which I believe is due out this Wednesday 15th of September (16th in the UK I imagine). Its basically his retelling of the Mahabarata in condensed form. I think there is also talk it may also be […]

Nosfecatu, Vampire Kitten

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