Wrath of the Titans – Kronos

Posted on January 1, 2012


Happy New Year everyone! I know, wheres the Vampire Bestiary? Its ON SALE HERE NOW!

I thought I would bring your attention to the Wrath of the Immortals movie thats released in March. The trailer is out now and we can see a number of interesting creatures.

  1. Minotaur (I think)
  2. Chimera
  3. Hekatonkeres (I’m guessing thats what it is even though it only has 6 arms, I still like the design, very cool)
  4. Kronos
  5. Cyclops (not on the poster above, but in the trailer we see it dual wielding clubs ‘Ettin-stylee’)

Mini Review: Clash of the Titans (the 2010 movie)

As coincidence would have it I got the dvd of the recent Clash of the Titans remake for Christmas. I had of course already seen the movie in the cinema…in fact I also saw the original Clash of the Titans movie in the cinema when I was very young…it probably made a lasting impression on me and I’m sure Harryhausen movies in particular played a big part in kindling my interest in gods and monsters.

Anyway I digress, what about the movie. Given the subject matter I was probably always going to enjoy it on some level…and I did. But at the same time I’m not convinced its a particularly good movie even though, upon reflection a lot of the pieces fit perfectly. Great actors (if not always great dialogue), great action set-pieces and great special effects and yet, for some reason I have these nagging doubts.

  • Did they do enough to make me care about those who die on the journey?
  • When they do get killed they often die with a far shot whimper that makes it difficult to know who just died. If you kill off a character at least give the scene some gravitas.
  • Did I really care about Andromeda (note that there are a few deleted scenes on the dvd that really would have helped me care more about Andromeda and Argos).
  • Did the romance between Io and Perseus work?

Overall, I enjoyed it. The good far outweighed the bad. 7 (out of 10)

Last of the Titans (2014)

Given Hollywood’s predisposition to making money, its likely we’ll see a third and final installment in the Titans trilogy in a few years time, so what would I do?

Well, with the Titans probably defeated/re-imprisoned at the end of the second movie (I’m guessing), I would run the Gigantomachy storyline, culminating in a battle with Typhon. But the twist here is that I would make it a sort of ‘magnificent seven’ greek heroes and include the likes of Hercules, Bellerophon, Theseus (Kratos dare we?) and so on. This could segue the studios neatly into a Hercules movie spin-off trilogy. As its the last in the trilogy I’d make Typhon a truly mountainous monster (one shot I have in mind is the old colossal Talos statue being stepped on and crushed by one of Typhon’s scaly feet). Of course we also need a journey for the heroes (to unearth Pandora’s box maybe?) and some human scale drama, Gaia sets the Amazons against the heroes? Anyway, I’m sure they’ll come up with something.

Kronos – Design

So I was thinking which of the above monsters don’t have (4E) D&D stats yet and the answer is of course Kronos. So I have decided to create him using a few ideas.

  • Super-solo Rules: Okay basically a super-solo has more than one stat-block. For each additional stat-block you add, reduce all stat-blocks by 5 levels (2 stat-blocks = -5 levels, 3 = -10, 4 = -15, etc.)
  • Immortality: A recent idea I have had is to reduce existing deity/immortal levels by 5 outside their home plane. So Orcus (for example) would be Level 28 instead of 33 when encountered outside his Realm of Thanatos. This is basically to reflect the old ‘double their hit points on the home plane mechanic from 1st Edition. Now you might ask, “Well why not simply add 5 levels on their home plane?” The reason I much prefer the reduction is to allow epic tier PCs (and players) to encounter gods and demon princes much sooner rather than later. You shouldn’t have to wait until maximum level before you get to the cool epic stuff, every level of the epic tier should have some. The second question might be, “Well I don’t want to have to create two sets of stats for every deity and demon prince!” You won’t have to, see the super-solo rules above, all you need to do would be to create the lower-level stats and use them twice (super-solo style) when encountered on the monsters home plane.
  • Mega-size: Okay, I haven’t seen the movie yet, but Kronos looks at least Mega-size (like the Kraken from the first movie) or even Giga-size (as the above movie poster infers) if he’s as big as an entire mountain/volcano. Now, yes I do have rules for mega-size, giga-size and so on, but I am not going to use them for THIS version of Kronos. I’m just going to make him Gargantuan. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, I have a pretty cool mechanic for the encounter that works best with keeping him Gargantuan size (the tic-tac-toe Volcano battle). Secondly, I don’t want to have to go over the mega-size rules just yet (I’m still tweaking them here and there). Thirdly, I haven’t seen the movie yet so I don’t really know how big Kronos is – I may well come back to the stats and augment them after I have seen it.
  • Tic-tac-toe Volcano Battle: The basic idea for the battle I have in mind takes place within a (temporarily) dormant volcano. The ‘arena’ itself is 24×24 squares, which we can break down further in nine smaller areas of 8×8 squares. This is important because Kronos will be erupting through the crust at the centre of one of those 9 areas (he occupies a 4×4 square area at the centre of an 8×8 square). When bloodied, Kronos will sink down beneath the crust (leaving a zone of lava lasting until the end of the encounter) and erupt again from a different 8×8 square. When his first stat-block is destroyed, he sinks down again. BUT, next time he erupts out of the ground moving through THREE contiguous 8×8 squares (he jumps out of the first, dives into the second and erupts again out of a third. Hence the tic-tac-toe battle. Each zone he creates spawns a fiery creature at the start of EACH ROUND. When his second stat-block is bloodied, he sinks down again and repeats the THREE contiguous 8×8 square movement routine.
  • Fire Resistance: On the one hand I don’t want to make Kronos completely toothless by letting PCs buff up on fire resistance for the fight. But at the same time I don’t necessarily want to nerf fire resistance wholesale. So my idea is that each time Kronos deals damage to a target he also strips away (a cumulative) 5 points of fire resistance until the end of the encounter.
  • Level: I have a few different ideas on what level Kronos should be. Is he an Elder God…possibly. But its also possible that he’s just a Greater Deity. My gut instinct is telling me that after eons of imprisonment that upon release he’d be of Greater God status and have to slowly recover his full power to get back to Elder God. So under the new auspices (see Immortality above):
  1. Quasi-deity = Levels 21-25 Elite (may not have a divine realm but if so, +5 on it)
  2. Demi-deity = Levels 26-30 Elite (may not have a divine realm but if so, +5 on it)
  3. Lesser deity = Levels 31-35 Elite (+5 Levels within divine realm)
  4. Greater Deity = Levels 36-40 Elite (+5 Levels within divine realm)
  5. Elder God = Levels 46-50 Elite (always considered on their home plane)

The above determinations assume that all immortal and primordial official 4E stats so far released are for beings encountered within their divine realms.

So if we assume Kronos starts at Level 40 Elite, then we reduce him first to Level 35 (solo) and then level 30 (super-solo). If he was to be encountered on his home plane then we could either add 5 levels or give him a third solo stat-block. Anyway, for this version we will be creating him at Level 30. After the movie I may go back and do a mega or giga-sized Elder God version which would be higher level.

Hope you enjoy it. I’ll try to update a lot more often in future, if you have any feedback, let me know below or feel free to email me agooddesigner@hotmail.com

Kronos – Lord of the Titans