Final Preview: Vampire Bestiary

Posted on October 28, 2011


I know, I know, where’s that idiot disappeared to now. Well I have been working hard on the Vampire Bestiary and was hoping to have it all ready to go by Hallowe’en. However, as of today I only have approx. 45 (of 60) pages finished, with the remaining pages in various states of completion. Unfortunately I am working the next four nights so the small glimmer of a chance at getting it all done for the 31st is not going to materialise.

The good news is that the book is almost ready. Whereas before it needed a few weeks worth of work, it now only needs a few days worth of work. Luckily I have almost 2 weeks free from the start of November. I can’t conceive it not being finished within that period (and yes this is me saying that).

Being this near to the release I thought I would post up the contents (finally set in stone…I hope) and one or two previews. Just a note, I did notice (upon creating the pdf) the slight flaw on the right hand side of the page frame/border of page 11, I’ll look into fixing that.




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