Pathfinder: Mythic Adventures

Posted on September 2, 2012


First up, I am still working on the Maps for the Vampire Bestiary: Mountain of the Cannibal God (so bare with me on those). I have also got some work done on Vampire Bestiary: Temple of Death. Artist Peter Szmer has submitted 3 more illustrations for that book and its shaping up nicely.

As for website updates I just added a new Darksiders 2 Boss: The Bone Giant to that article. I’m still tweaking the Aeshma-Deva final form of Asmodeus, so give me a few days on that and I’ll see what I can do.

Pathfinder’s Mythic Adventures

But I wanted to talk about news that broke at Gencon a week or so ago. Basically Paizo are doing a book called Mythic Adventures which is ‘sort of’ Pathfinder’s answer to the Epic Tier. Basically it adds an effective 10 new levels (even though you don’t add class levels now).

In a nutshell, characters (or monsters) can gain ‘Mythic Tiers’ (up to 10 Tiers) for one of six different archetypes:

  1. Archmage (Intelligence…?)
  2. Champion (Strength…?)
  3. Hierophant (Wisdom…?)
  4. Marshal (Charisma…?)
  5. Trickster (Dexterity…?)
  6. Warden (Constitution…?)

So Mythic Tiers act a bit like Templates and can be applied to PCs, NPCs and Monsters of any Level or Challenge Rating.

One interesting facet is that at the top end of the Mythic Tier scaling characters are said to be equal to Demigods and Demon Lords. That got me thinking that it may be possible to convert over my monsters using Divine Rank to parallel Mythic Tiers on a 1:1 basis as follows:

  • 1 Mythic Tier = 1 Divine Rank = Disciple
  • 2 Mythic Tiers = 2 Divine Ranks = Prophet
  • 3 Mythic Tiers = 3 Divine Ranks = Hero-deity
  • 4-5 Mythic Tiers = 4-5 Divine Ranks = Quasi-deity
  • 6-7 Mythic Tiers = 6-7 Divine Ranks = Demi-deity
  • 8-11 Mythic Tiers = 8-11 Divine Ranks = Lesser Deity
  • 12-15 Mythic Tiers = 12-15 Divine Ranks = Intermediate Deity
  • 16-23 Mythic Tiers = 16-23 Divine Ranks = Greater Deity
  • 24-31 Mythic Tiers = 24-31 Divine Ranks = Elder One
  • 32-47 Mythic Tiers = 32-47 Divine Ranks = Old One
  • 48-63 Mythic Tiers = 48-63 Divine Ranks = First One
  • etc.

At a certain point the whole thing may become unfeasible but the idea looks practical up to Elder One at least (admittedly that’s before I have seen the rules themselves so its still a big leap).

Reverse engineering 3.5E Challenge Ratings so they convert to Divine Ranks and then converting again over to Mythic Tiers we get the following:

  • 3.5E CR 26 converts to Pathfinder (Mythic Tier) CR 24 (quasi)
  • 3.5E CR 40 converts to Pathfinder (Mythic Tier) CR 26 (demi)
  • 3.5E CR 53 converts to Pathfinder (Mythic Tier) CR 28 (lesser)
  • 3.5E CR 80 converts to Pathfinder (Mythic Tier) CR 32 (inter)
  • 3.5E CR 106 converts to Pathfinder (Mythic Tier) CR 36 (greater)
  • 3.5E CR 160 converts to Pathfinder (Mythic Tier) CR 44 (elder)
  • 3.5E CR 212 converts to Pathfinder (Mythic Tier) CR 52 (old)
  • 3.5E CR 320 converts to Pathfinder (Mythic Tier) CR 68 (first)

Obviously the in between CRs could be broken down further so that (for example) 3.5E CR 48 = Pathfinder CR 27

Which means in my(3.5E) Immortals Handbook: Epic Bestiary Volume One various monsters would convert to:

  • Amilictli = Pathfinder CR 26 (borderline 27)
  • Anakim = Pathfinder CR 25
  • Akalich Template = 12 Mythic Tiers
  • Alabaster = Pathfinder CR 44
  • Amidah Template = 16 Mythic Tiers
  • Cherubim = Pathfinder CR 38
  • Elohim = Pathfinder CR 26
  • Great Wyrm Nexus Dragon = Pathfinder CR 116
  • Neutronium Golem (at Revised CR 750) = Pathfinder CR 120…ish

Anyway, this Mythic Adventures book may be enough to convince me to do some epic material for Pathfinder. I’m curious what others make of the idea of Mythic Adventures itself and the prospect of me converting material and/or creating new material for it?

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