Darksiders 2 Bosses (4E)

Posted on August 10, 2012


Updated on 2nd September 2012 (Bone Giant boss).

Hi everyone,

I’m off on holiday to London for a week and a bit, but I should have internet access while there – even though I’ll be fairly busy (mainly with role-playing). The Vampire Bestiary: Temple of Death is shaping up nicely (I’m also adding my Mass Combat rules to this book), I just sent the artist the details for the last three illustrations. But apologies for not yet having the maps uploaded/updated for Mountain of the Cannibal God. I’ll try to have them by the end of August/start of September.

Darksiders 2

This is the sequel to one of my favourite video-games of all time. Darksiders was released in early 2010 and was my favourite game of that year (just pipping Bayonetta). So I am really looking forward to the sequel, which from the previews, looks incredible. If you are not familiar with it, you play as DEATH himself, one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Its an Action-RPG with great platforming, puzzles and loot and allows you to fully customise DEATH so that he can be primarily a warrior, primarily a caster or something in between.

I don’t play video games as often as I used to, in fact I think the last game I played through was Dark Souls last year (yes I beat it). But I’ll certainly make some time for Darksiders 2.

Anyway, Gametrailers had been showing off a Boss fight every Friday in what they naturally termed ‘Boss Fight Fridays’. This went on for four weeks, showing a few of the games new bosses (my guess is the game will have about 40 bosses in total, so this is a small percentage). I have converted those same boss fights over to 4th Edition.

You can watch the videos of the bosses in action here on youtube:

The first Darksiders game had some fantastic boss battles. Of the above four, I think Gnashor and Basileus look well designed. The Wailing Host is aesthetically great (“Hey its Cthulhu!”) but mechanically looks far too predictable. Karkinos looks a bit wishy-washy. Far too easy, so he must just be a mini-boss?

One question was what level to set the Bosses at. Obviously at this juncture I haven’t played the game because its not out yet. In the Wailing Host video, the commentator Jay Fitzloff says that you’ll be fighting that Boss around level 12-15. Now I know Darksiders 2 has a first playthrough cap of Level 20 and a New Game + cap of Level 30. The four worlds in the game probably stagger progression something like levels 1-8 (1st world), level 9-14 (2nd world), levels 15-18 (3rd world) and levels 19-20 (4th world). Karkinos, I’m guessing is an early boss of the 1st world (The Makers Realm), while the Bone Giant is an early boss of the second, while Basileus and the Wailing Host are closer to the end of the second world (the Kingdom of the Dead). So probably encountered at Levels 2 (Karkinos), 9 (Bone Giant), 12 (Basileus) and 14 (Wailing Host).

With this being supposedly an epic-centric website I decided that those levels would be too low, so I will use the levels you’ll probably encounter them at during your New Game + run (ie. your Epic Run as it were), so 21, 24, 26 and 27.

Karkinos I decided would be a Solo Soldier (the eggs being standard rank soldiers), the Bone Giant switches between Solo Lurker and Brute (thus in effect a super-solo), Basileus and Achidna are Solo-Soldier and Solo-Skirmisher respectively, while the Wailing Host is a Solo Brute (I was tempted to make him a super-solo, but I am not sure about that).

Anyway, without further ado, here is the first of the bosses. I’ll add two in two weeks (when I return from holiday) and then the last the week after that. As usual, click on the pages for larger versions.