Review: Manual of the Planes 4E

September 7, 2011


Manual of the Planes is a perplexing book, by that I don't mean confusing, simply that it fairly closely follows the format of the 1st Edition version of the same book, yet it just doesn't satisfy anywhere near as well as its predecessor(s).

Article: Redesigning the 10 Hells

August 31, 2011


I always liked the idea of correlating the Hells with the concept of sin. While most are familiar with the seven deadly sins, after some study I found that there are actually ten sins.

Vampire Bestiary Update

August 9, 2011


Hello, apologies for the lack of updates, had a very weird July where I allowed myself to get distracted by this incredibly attractive, young blonde nurse. I’ll try not to let it happen again. 😉 Anyway, where were we. I mentioned it over at ENWorld a few weeks ago, but its worth reiterating here. I […]

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Article: Dragons Revisited

July 8, 2011


A few topics ago, I mentioned that Dragons in 4th Edition were not proper Epic Tier monsters. This article seeks to address why that is and offer some alternatives.

Article: Top 10 Flaws of 4E Adventure Design

June 8, 2011


After reviewing all the E-series 4th Edition modules here on this website plus examining many others from Wizards of the Coast and a few from 3rd Party Publishers I have compiled a list of the main problems apparent to me with 4E adventure design. I won’t be talking about adventures that do not have up to […]

Review: E3 Prince of Undeath

June 4, 2011


My review of E3: Prince of Undeath, the final epic tier adventure path module from Wizards of the Coast, designed for Levels 27-30. It follows on from my E2: Kingdom of the Ghouls review from a few weeks ago. Note: This is not a playtest review. First Impressions Finally, at long last Wizards treat us […]

Preview 4: Vampire Bestiary

May 19, 2011


Preview of the Idol of Kali, a Level 10 Solo Monster for 4th Edition. Showcasing some of the boss battle mechanics for the Vampire Bestiary and some more of the books amazing art courtesy of Peter Szmer. Firstly, slight apologies. I had been sick with the cold for almost two weeks and it just knocked […]

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