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Wrath of the Titans Revisited

May 1, 2012


A movie review of Wrath of the Titans as well as twin sets of 4E stats for the Makhai warriors of Kronos.

Review: Manual of the Planes 4E

September 7, 2011


Manual of the Planes is a perplexing book, by that I don't mean confusing, simply that it fairly closely follows the format of the 1st Edition version of the same book, yet it just doesn't satisfy anywhere near as well as its predecessor(s).

Review: E3 Prince of Undeath

June 4, 2011


My review of E3: Prince of Undeath, the final epic tier adventure path module from Wizards of the Coast, designed for Levels 27-30. It follows on from my E2: Kingdom of the Ghouls review from a few weeks ago. Note: This is not a playtest review. First Impressions Finally, at long last Wizards treat us […]

Review: E2 Kingdom of the Ghouls

April 26, 2011


This is the second Epic Tier adventure path module from Wizards of the Coast. It follows on from E1: Death’s Reach which I reviewed a few months ago here, and leads into E3: Prince of Undeath (a review I have already written that I’ll post in a few weeks time). Bruce Cordell is back from […]

Review: Revenge of the Iron Lich

March 27, 2011


Revenge of the Iron Lich is a free 4th Edition adventure (for Level 16 characters) from the people over at Save Versus Death. While not an epic tier adventure, I decided to review it because  it’s a very deadly high paragon tier deathtrap of a module. Note: This is not a play test review. First Impressions This is a […]

Review: Pathfinder Bestiary 2

February 13, 2011


Okay, as many of you know. I have grown increasingly apathetic towards 3rd Edition D&D. In a nutshell, I hate it. But thats a discussion for another time and place. So why the heck did you buy this book I hear you ask? Well, several reasons. I had a chance to peruse the first Pathfinder […]

Review: Pantheons of the Megaverse

October 10, 2010


This is the second most important book I own.

Review: E1 Death’s Reach

September 14, 2010


E1 Death’s Reach was the first 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons adventure for the epic tier of play. Released in April 2009, it followed on from the Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress adventure and led into to the second epic tier adventure Kingdom of the Ghouls (which I will be reviewing in a few weeks time). For […]

Review: Monster Manual 3 (4E)

September 1, 2010


Monster Manual 3 was released in May 2010. As its title suggests it's the third (and possibly the last - since no Monster Manual 4 has been announced for 2011) of the 4th edition Monster Manuals...

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