Vampire Bestiary Update

Posted on August 9, 2011


Hello, apologies for the lack of updates, had a very weird July where I allowed myself to get distracted by this incredibly attractive, young blonde nurse. I’ll try not to let it happen again. 😉

Anyway, where were we. I mentioned it over at ENWorld a few weeks ago, but its worth reiterating here. I have divided the Vampire Bestiary into three books as follows:

  1. Vampire Bestiary: Mountain of the Cannibal God…so as you would expect this book features cannibals and a few relevant animals as well as the sort of vampires (and a few wights) you would expect to find in the jungle. The book also includes some traps and hazards as well as a mini-adventure (the titular mountain).
  2. Vampire Bestiary: Temple of Death…an in-depth look at the Thuggee Cult and priesthood of Kali as well as a large number of vampires related to Hindu myth and legend. Again expect more traps, hazards and features as well as a mini-adventure.
  3. Vampire Bestiary: Dracula’s Castle…all the classic vampire stereotypes as well as a few more obscure European vampire monsters. Also includes sections on vampire coffins, vampire familiars, vampire hunters and vampire intelligences, plus a few more wights. This part also contains an overview of vampire religions, society and takes a look at the vampire’s place in the universe. As well as sporting the now familiar mini-adventure, traps and hazards.

Each book will be approximately 56 pages and I’m pencilling in a price of about $7.50. I think each includes roughly 32 stat blocks (give or take) with vampires usually representing 50% of the book (or slightly more in the case of the third pdf.) Once I have all three pdfs on sale I will combine all three (into the proper Vampire Bestiary) into one book (probably a $15 pdf).

Here is the current cover for the first pdf. Not happy about using a monochrome image for the cover but I don’t think I can afford three full colour cover commissions…so it is what it is. I do really like the Wendigo illustration from Peter Szmer though (and its a bit obscured on the cover, I had to crop bits to get it to fit but suffice to say you will see the whole thing uncluttered as one of the interior illustrations for the wendigo). Obviously the full colour Kali illustration will be used for the main book (and likely the Temple of Death pdf).

So the good news is that the first pdf needs about 2 weeks of work for completion. However, that was true at the start of July as well (see my opening paragraph of this update for what happened). The bad news is that I am going on holiday in a few days time and there is no way I’ll be able to put in 2 weeks worth of work until September. So I’ll stick my neck out and say it will definately be released before the end of September.

With no further distractions I should be able to finish part 2 (in October) and 3 (in November).

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